Planet 2010

Communications and Technology Conference: 12 - 13 March 2010

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Discover How:

  • To become more efficient and reduce costs
  • To leverage global supply and logistics
  • To liberate your workforce and drive productivity
  • To reach more customers and build loyalty within existing customers
  • To brand yourself in an ever more cluttered market
  • Consumers are evolving and best ways to reach them
  • The media is evolving and how online and TiVO will change TV

Explore Planet 2010

What is Planet 2010?

The Planet communications and technology conference will showcase, over two days, the latest innovations in communications technology from some of New Zealand's smartest companies.

Day One will feature technology showcases, specific presentations and breakout sessions catering to a business audience. Day Two will cater to a general audience and feature interactive exhibitions and a showcase of the hottest end user products and innovations.

Importantly, Planet 2010 is not so much about high-tech hardware (although there'll be plenty of that). It's the chance for you to discover the smarts and capabilities of a wide range of companies. And marvel at what they can do for you and your business.

What can it do for my Business?

More and more New Zealand businesses are realising the potential growth that telecommunications can deliver. For what can be a small investment, telecommunications can put local businesses within reach of customers around the globe.

Planet 2010 has been created to help all New Zealand companies find out how to transform their businesses through technology.

How Will it Achieve This?

Twenty five sessions on highly relevant topics are streamed into tracks that allow you to tailor the conference to your area of interest. Build your own perfect day!